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AEC Programmes are aimed at Entrepreneurship Development where we create a conducive environment for young and established entrepreneurs to access relevant assistance, resources, support and entrepreneurship mentorship.
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AEC Programmes

Entrepreneurial Development Programme

Our Entrepreneurship Development Programme is aimed at creating a conducive environment for young entrepreneurs to access relevant entrepreneurship mentorship, resources, and support.

Enterprise Development Programme

AEC works to accelerate the development, sustainability and ultimately financial independence of our members’ business venture.

Supplier Development Programme

This is our cost-sharing initiative offered to qualifying member businesses to assist them in improving competitiveness and sustainability.

Coaching & Mentoring Programme

Business coaching services and training resource for member entrepreneurs, large corporations, and small businesses.

Deal Negotiation and Closure

AEC members may request assistance in negotiating and closing expansion deals, mergers, and acquisitions they require

Trade Facilitation and Promotion

Through our local (African) and worldwide Trade Missions, AEC invites members to take part in our inbound and outbound trade promotion missions.

Venture Capital and Funding

Securing funding and investment opportunities for investors who seek private equity stakes in startup and small to medium-size enterprises.

Entrepreneurial Industrialist Programme

We aid member entrepreneurs to realise their and their businesses’ full potential in the global markets through strategic partnerships, sponsorships and mentorships.

Supply Chain Finance

Through our established partnerships, AEC assists qualifying members to unlock the working capital trapped within their supply chains.